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Mike Weaver, CPA

   Certified Public Accountant

       Where Accuracy, Integrity & Service still matters


I find it very difficult to talk about myself especially being an Accountant! How exciting can that be?! However, I really do enjoy helping others and I feel I do that well through my practice. While I provide many different services, my passion is helping individuals and small businesses through tax preparation and planning. After graduating from Wright State University with a degree in both Accounting and Finance, I obtained my CPA license shortly thereafter. I've had an office in Lewisburg, Ohio for over 15 years serving those mainly in and around Southwest Ohio. However, I do have clients in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, and Minnesota. I truly appreciate those that have used my services for such a long time. By spending 20+ years in both the corporate and non-profit world, plus the many years of my practice, it has allowed me to relate to just about any financial situation that may arise. If you have any questions or want to know more about me, just give me a call, email or text. Thanks for reading!